Tuesday, May 25, 2010

under the shadow of the empire

there is always a sense of community, pride and respect. Just finished this piece today. I'm working on a few lino blocks so be sure to stop by soon.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Protection

This piece is a answer to my protection prayers. Some people have a cross, others a painting of Jesus and so on. I'd like to think that this vejigante mask keeps me and my surroundings safe. Its's a lino block i made this week. Finally i get to be productive! for those of you who were worried about my dog jake, he's doing so much better! maybe the vejigante will keep us from harms way.

Exchange piece

I've always wanted, in my art collection, a piece by the late Manuel Hernandez Acevedo. I was offered a silkscreen by this great artist and i had to get this deal done. In order for the deal to happen i would have to paint a commissioned piece of a sailboat. I like to paint sailboats... it's a win win. I'm not really pleased with this piece but i have to admit those blue colors make me want to go to the beach and relax.