Friday, January 30, 2009

Genesis:of Stela.

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This is, i think, my final piece for the upcoming solo show. It was commissioned, so it's probably off the market. I wanted to document the genesis of this painting because i've met this little girl and she is awesome. Very cool kid. Not like the other ones i've had to deal with. Anyways, i hope this painting turns out fine. I'm very pumped about it but i still feel intimidated by it. I want to finish it but i don't want to fuck it up. I still have a few weeks to work on it. No pressure on that part, but i have a person calling me and asking for developments and pictures. They taught us a lot in school but not how to deal with annoying clients. Part of the job, i guess. I can never get used to it. Those clients make my life... interesting. So for that i thank them! back to the painting. It's a large piece but not as large as the other 15 for the show ( 5x3 and a half feet) The only thing that has me intimidated is her hair. She has curly, dirty blonde hair. Not only it's a pain to paint curly hair but to also get in there with cream colors, reds and browns... that's just a recipe for disaster. For now, i'm just going to work on her skin. Once i've done that... then i'll cross the river.