Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yesss! Disney 2008

So... I just got back from the Fla. Orlando to be exact. It's funny to see a place as a kid and then see it as man-boy, people object when I use the word adult to describe myself. Then again, these places where so magical and great and castles and fairy dust and just completely out of this world. Now, well the castles are made of plastic, the fairy dust is just dust and this magical place turned out to be just a place. A place of standing in line, fake bushes and rude people. WHO EATS A WHOLE TURKEY LEG??? when i see people eating turkey legs i immediately picture the Geico caveman. All in all, I'm glad i got to go. I'm also glad all my family went with me. Furthermore, I'm glad most of the parks sell beer. So i hung out with my fam fam, got drunk.... and when i did, the place turned out to be magical again. YAY!

if you want to see the pics click here.

my first ever

Yes i started blogging. This means i will write stuff on a webpage knowing that no other person on this planet will ever read it. This "blogging" is a futile exercise on communication. For something to be communicated you should have an interaction with two or more individuals. But then again, this blogging thing has swept the nation, everyone is doing it for some reason. I wonder what this new road might offer. So here i am. Hitchhiking on a road to everywhere.