Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm off to isabela. Nice town, very laid back. Kind of a surf town, lots of dreads, beer and reggae. Just how i like my women. If you're wondering why i'm going, well it's my birthday on sunday and i wanted to do something special. At first i thought of doing it by myself but then marla decided to come. She told my mom and she decided to go also. My mom told my bro and he's coming too. I guess it turned out to be a family reunion. What more can i ask for on my birthday?! i'm blessed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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I stayed last weekend in Jayuya for the Indigenous festival or the Festival Indigena. Here is a little history about the town provided by wiki:
"The town of Jayuya was founded in 1911, but history traces people living in the region as far back as 1878. At that time, a small community was established there, separated from the larger cities of the coasts with little to no communication. Near the end of the 19th century, the town focused on the production of coffee, which greatly boosted the local economy.

In 1911, the town was officially declared a municipality with a population of more than 9,000. In 1950, the town was the setting of what was known as the Jayuya Uprising, where nationalists started a revolt against the Government of the United States led by Blanca Canales Torresola, a social worker, and her cousins, Elio Torresola and Doris Torresola."

Enough said. Anyways i went over there for the whole weekend. I had fun, i'd have to say but it would've been so much better if it didn't rain. I mean it rained non stop the whoooole weekend. I spent the entire festival under an umbrella. Silly me!

I think the trip to Jayuya was the most exciting part of it all. I mean we're talking about a town up in the mountains, this means green everywhere. Plants, trees and the actual road at some point turned dark green from the humidity. Lots of waterfalls and cool views of the island. I had fun but it might be a while when i decide to return to this beautiful town.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The poison food

So, I've been poisoned!! I dunno what i ate, i really don't know what happened. I woke up Thursday morning fine, then mid day i was hit with sickness. Wow, i've never felt like that in a looong time. Not even in school after that night out with Mr. O'Brien and all the illo kids. I felt horrible. After 2 days of rest... i feel fine now. I feel better. The only good thing that came out of this sick time was the fact that i got some rest. Much needed rest. I knew something was gonna hit me sooner or later cause man, you can't work aaaall the time. If it wasn't something like this it would've been the flu or some other tired related sickness. Good news is i got some rest. Bad news, i'm starting to think about work again.