Wednesday, February 11, 2009

maybe you'll see this around

Commissioned piece. it's going to be at a bar maybe to replace an older version. this piece might be finished. i still have to tweak it a little but it's mostly there. I did this piece cause i know the owner and he's really into politics. has been that way since forever. He talked me into it. I like the image but it has been soo over used. There's a wine with this image on it. Some people don't know the power of this image. That's why the client had to convince me to do it. I had to make sure this wasn't going to be used as a symbol of look at me i'm cool, i'm down with rebels. I hope he likes it...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Honestly, i don't know what to call the show. I have the owner of the gallery working on it, the administrator of the gallery working on it. My brother, mother and girlfriend on it. Part of the ad agency working on it. my friends on it and i might even ask you to be ON IT! We just can't get to an agreement. It would be great if i could just say i want this to be the tittle but... i can't. I just don't know how to summarize my work into a snobbish phrase. It would be better if i had a concrete proposal to this show but since the gallery let me do whatever i wanted, i painted exactly what i wanted. From the soul out. Yes the show has to do with children and all that that involves. Hope, play, convergence of cultures and so forth... we still can't manage to pin point one of the most important (some think) aspect of this show. So here i am writing about this... trying to clear my head of any damaging ideas. Hoping (a word thrown around like a baseball in the 1930s) i might come up with a great pair of words that would complete what's already there. When the world is crumbling, the earth temperature is rising, everyone's loosing their job, poverty is around the corner, health insurance companies are mugging citizens, a-rod is now an a-hole or a-roid, i must wonder... where can i get a little bit of peace so i can name this show and turn the world into a better place... what would be my contribution to this sick little planet.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stela... the end!




This is how this piece looked like during the weekend. I pretty much finished it today. I still have a few details to take care of but i think it's ready. My client has had the flu or a bad cold all weekend. So he left me alone, didn't call all this time. I thought he was mad at me. I tend to be a little too honest and brutal sometimes wit people. Anyways, he called today to let me know he's sick. I gave him the good news that the piece was done already. He was pleased. He hasn't seen it yet so i hope he likes it. So here's part of the process and the final piece.stells