Friday, August 28, 2009


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I did this painting last night. I have to do a theme painting for a special night at Fratellis. This Friday is all about the onion. So i did this piece. I was working on another one for this event and i almost finished it but it looked nasty and horrible. I used a different type of canvas and it was just working against me. I stopped working on it! I almost called my friends at Fratellis to tell them i wasn't going to do one for this event. They were sure to be disappointed. So late last night i got in the mood (maybe the fact that i was disappointing someone got me going) and i finished this piece. I like it a lot. I might just keep it for myself since i used a color scheme that would go well in my house. Anyways i hope you like it! i hate disappointing people so if i have, i'm really sorry!!